Solving Climate Change, Together

Get to know us and be inspired by our co-founders


Timeline - What we strive to achieve


April - June

The idea was born


July - October

Idea goes public, inivite co-founders, form organization, validation


November - February

First real hackathon on actual problem-solving topics, initiate first startups


March - April

Scale hackathons, support startups

Why did we join?

Different motivations, superpowers, and beliefs. But one single goal: unleash untapped human potential to solve the climate crisis. Get to know some of the co-founders of 42hacks.

Join 42hacks now and become part of the solution

One million people – like you and me – spending one week in a worldwide hackathon. A hackathon is a proven methodology to create working solutions. It’s fun, it’s collective, it’s creating new solutions. 42 times, each time at 42 locations worldwide, 24’000 people gather simultaneously for one week. Massively using our diverse brains and skills instills the creativity of humanity. At the end of each hackathon round, 10 teams are fully funded for 5+ years to start to create - supported by an initial community of 24'000 ambassadors. 


What do we do?

We believe there is untapped human potential within us and around us. Once we activate it and combine it in new ways, we can solve the most urgent problem we face as humanity: The climate crisis.



  • We create dreams and nightmares to attract people to our vision of actually solving the climate crisis.

  • We organize company pledges so that people get a paid leave and a budget to invest in one of the resulting start-ups. 

  • We make it fun and an exceptional experience to create innovative solutions people like to use.


  • We organize mass hackathons simultaneously around the world and connect with innovative formats.

  • We inspire, educate and learn from each other and leading experts. We integrate role models and positive peer activities.

  • We create first prototypes through massive open collaboration and cutting-edge technology.

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  • On the spot, we jointly finance 10 start-up teams per round - with the investment budget everyone brings in from the company pledge.

  • We create an instant community of ambassadors, early adopters, supporters and promoters as launching pad for every start-up.

  • Those start-ups are open source, so that everyone and every company can contribute and profit.