Solving Climate Change, Together

Get to know us and be inspired by our co-founders


Who we are and why we joined 42hacks

Different motivations, superpowers, and beliefs. But one single goal: unleash untapped human potential to solve the climate crisis. Get to know some of the co-founders of 42hacks.

Why 42hacks?

We accelerate real change for climate through untapped human potential. We organize collective hackathons around selected clusters (e.g. railways) - as well as the funding and support for ultimately 420 teams to execute on the most promising prototypes within clusters.

Final - 42HACKS Cluster RAILWAY4Climate (14).png

Join 42hacks now and become part of the solution

One million people – like you and me – spending one week in a worldwide hackathon. A hackathon is a proven methodology to create working solutions. It’s fun, it’s collective, it’s creating new solutions. 42 times, each time at 42 locations worldwide, 24’000 people gather simultaneously for one week. Massively using our diverse brains and skills instills the creativity of humanity. At the end of each hackathon round, 10 teams are fully funded for 5+ years to start to create - supported by an initial community of 24'000 ambassadors.