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What is a hack?

A Hackathon is a term consisting of the words “Hacking” and “Marathon” and signifies that we move FAST from Problem to Prototype. We use a variety of skills and act along with the following principles:


  • Speed trumps Perfection

  • Team trumps Stars

  • Competition is Fun

Experience the most meaningful

meeting of the week!

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Who can join?

Literally everyone. We already have built a community of entrepreneurs, scientists, students, software developers, and creators of all kinds.

Why should you join?

You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t care about our planet. At 42hacks we create unstoppable ideas to create positive change. By joining our Friday Hacks you contribute to this movement. You connect with like-minded people, apply your knowledge to a relevant challenge, learn new innovation skills and create awareness for one of the most pressing problems of our times!

How does a Friday Hack work?

We meet on our virtual platform for 2 h (usually from 3 to 5 pm) and immediately start generating ideas or working on existing ones. No Preparation and no Homework needed. Simply join, have fun, and experience the most meaningful meeting of your work week!

At the moment we work on our current challenge around shifting to rail!

The best ideas voted for will move further down our Innovation Funnel and get the chance to take the next step towards a scalable start-up! 

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The challenge we are working on:

How might we shift 50% of overall
traffic to public transportation till 2050?

Some outcomes & highlights out of last Friday's


Corporate Pledges for
green Mobility

#42hacks motivates employers to give their people a unique green-miles abo for smart mobility. 

Autor: Valentina Ballen Castillo 


Last-mile for free
#42hacks make last-mile free and as accessible as possible

Autor: Raul Firu

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