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Who We Are

Key Facts On Our Food System

1/3 of global greenhouse gas emissions are caused by the food system

What we eat matters more than where our food is from,
as transportation is not the key driver behind emissions

Land use and farming are the primary factors that contribute to the emission of greenhouse gases in the food system

Animal-based foods cause between 10-50x more greenhouse gas emissions vs. plant-based food sources

Animal agriculture is the key driver behind deforestation, resulting in major loss of biodiversity

The impact of the food system on our climate is increasing due to population growth and a rising demand for meat and dairy products

What’s our goal?

Our goal is to change consumer behavior toward more
sustainable dietary choices.

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Our Approach

Green Vegetables

Together with our climate hacking community we come
up with innovative solutions to fight climate change


We are currently focused on changing consumer
behavior toward more sustainable choices by upgrading
the choice architecture of our food shopping experience
(both online and offline)


By using the power of social & context-based nudges,
we believe the consumer can be moved to make food
choices, which are better for the planet and tasty at the
same time

Want to know more or work with us?

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