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What is 42hacks?

We are a community of climate hackers and start-up entrepreneurs. Together we fill the gap between climate promises and protests. We believe in the power of hackathons, talents and ecosystems.

How can I join?

Joining is almost as easy as watching Netflix. And feels way better! Just dial-in in one of our Friday Climate Hacks listed below.


First Start-up
founded "ÖV42" to 
bring hacked ideas to action with serious impact.

Green Mobility

Goal: How to shift 42% of our traffic to green shared mobility

Current Challenge:


How to

Enable Tech on Mobility 


How to

Predict People Behaviour

How to

Disrupt Train Experience

How to

Become Sexier Than Cars

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Next Challenge

After successfully launching the Mobility Start-up Ecosystem, we will unlock the Next Challenge. We are exploring new topics: retail, plastic, food, biodiversity, and more.