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Join us for an Upcoming Climate Hack about
Green Home, 
Green Food or Green Mobility.

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42hacks is a Climate «Hacker»
Community aiming to close the gap between Climate Promises and Climate Protest. We take real action
against Climate Change through
Open Innovation, Collective Creativitiy and Entrepreneurship

Experience the Power of Collective Creativity & Action

A hackathon (short: «Hack») is an incredibly powerful method to move fast from problem to solution. You don't need to be a software engineer to join. Just be curious and care about our Planet!


Our Ecosystems

Challenges we are currently hacking


Green Home

Public bi-weekly Hacks

Buildings are responsible for 40% of Europe’s energy consumption and more than 1/3 of its total greenhouse gas emissions. How can we tackle this?


Green Food

Public bi-weekly Hacks

Our Food accounts for a third (33%) of global greenhouse gas emissions. How can we reduce this negative environmental impact?


Green Mobility

Start-Up «ÖV42» founded in July 2022

Together with our alliance partners ÖV42 strives to enable AI-powered smart mobility and save CO2 emissions by shifting "from road to rail".

Anchor Upcoming Hack
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Our 1st Start-Up Ecosystem for Green Mobility: ÖV42

42hacks builds ecosystem start-ups disrupting old industries to save CO2 emissions. Meet our 1st start-up ecosystem in Green Mobility: ÖV42

«What did you do against the Climate Crisis when you knew there was still time?»

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Imagine your kids ask you this question in 2030. What will your answer be? 

We need everyone to make a difference.
Hack the Climate Crisis with us!

You are a
Concerned Citizen

You are concerned about ClimateChange and want to help by volunteering your time and shareideas?

We can guarantee fun people collaborating for seriousimpact! Join our weekly, freeonline Hackathons. 

You are already or wish to be workingon a Climate-related startup idea?You need some inspiration, you want to share your ideas or lookfor new team members?

The 42hacks Community connectspeople who fight for the same cause! 

You are a
Innovator / Disruptor

You represent a
Company / Municipality

Climate is an increasingly importanttopic in your organisation, company or municipality and you look for strong partners?

We are already working with a largenumber of employers and politicians and are happy to connect with you. 

42hacks is on a mission to collaboratively change the world for the better.


Use #42hacks

Our Climate Hacker Community is all over the world.
Stay connected by using #42hacks on Social Media.

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