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«The best 2 hours of my week!»

Fun People. Serious Impact.

What the «Hack»?

A Hackathon (short: "Hack") is a word deriving from 'hacking' (= to disrupt) and 'marathon' (= fast and continously). Below you see the 3 Climate Challenges we are currently hacking.


Green Home

Public bi-weekly Hacks

Buildings are responsible for 40% of Europe’s energy consumption and more than 1/3 of its total greenhouse gas emissions. How can we tackle this?


Green Food

Public bi-weekly Hacks

Our Food accounts for a quarter (26%) of global greenhouse gas emissions. How can we reduce this negative environmental impact?


Green Mobility

Start-Up «ÖV42» founded in July 2022

Together with our alliance partners ÖV42 strives to enable AI-powered smart mobility and save CO2 emissions by shifting "from road to rail".

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«Why Hackathons for the Climate Crisis?»

Our Friday Climate Hacks follow a well-developed Open Innovation format. The Hacks allow us to:

  • Enable an Open and Creative Collaboration

  • Harness Collective Intelligence

  • Be highly inclusive and involving experts, students, and people like your grandma

  • Deliver innovative results at an unparalleled level of Speed and Quality 

«What is a possible outcome of a hack?»

A lot of things can happen if great minds unite. The 42hacks Community has already developed a few pretty breakthrough ideas. One of them was turned into a full-fledged start-up promoting AI-powered smart mobility.

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The 4 Key Pillars of our Hacks