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Rohes Gemüse

42hacks Food

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Our mission is to reduce CO2 emissions in the food system that benefit both the planet and business. We are convinced that one actor alone is not capable of making the systemic change necessary to combat climate change. We are this systemic approach. 

We use agile methods to generate sustainable business models. Through prototyping, we validate and scale the most successful approaches directly into implementation.

Accelerating solutions of tomorrow - Today.

Who We Are

Key Facts On Our Food System

1/3 of global greenhouse gas emissions are caused by the food system

What we eat matters more than where our food is from,
as transportation is not the key driver behind emissions

1/3 of all produced food is wasted, whereas the consumer, the farming and manufacturing take equal part in this.

Shifting to more plant-based proteins reduces greenhouse gas emissions between 10-50x vs. animal-based proteins

Only 4% of sustainability funding goes into agriculture

The impact of the food system on our climate is increasing due to population growth and changing diets

Our Approach


Hack & Network

Co-creation of products by involving all relevant stakeholders and the 42hacks community


Market Testing

Immediate market feedback through iterative testing



Replicate & scale what works through sales expertise and customer acquisition to increase impact

Want to know more or work with us?

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