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Sexy Public Transport


Even if we have good public transportation, we love our cars. Car brands appeal to our heart, public transportation only to our mind. How can we attract more people by making public transport more attractive?

Our Mission

Sanctifly is a startup whose mission is to connect wellness and travel. Sanctifly members get access to thousands of location options, travel wellness content and airport hacks to improve their travel routine. Instead of waiting, they can sign up for a gym at a nearby hotel or relax at a spa.

42hacks and Sanctifly want to find out if we can hack a shared vision. Between Santifly and the smart climate hackers at 42hacks. Why we are interested in this? Increasing the modal split in public transport is probably the most important measure to save emissions in the mobility sector.


Sanctifly & 42hacks want to co-create a powerful vision as a base for potential partnership discussions.

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Co-Founder 42hacks


B-to-B Sales

Winning People

Build&Share Vision

Hack Results

How to make pt attractive for young people

Bastian & trainees

Hack Results

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