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Fundraising around company clusters

Foto: Gerd Altmann/Pixabay

Hermann / Marc

Aug 10, 2021

To raise 1bn+ USD is not an easy feat. But it's necessary to fund 420 teams for 5 years each. They will be the engines to turn the results of our hacks into action. In our latest action hack, we worked out a fundraising strategy around company clusters.

The initial idea to raise this money was the company pledge. It consists of letting some employees join a hackathon on a paid leave. Additionally companies commit 42 EUR per employee - so that bigger companies pay more and smaller less. A 100 employee company would contribute 4’200 EUR.

Initial talks had mixed results. Some were concerned about the number of employees, some about the money, some about the usefulness of the results for themselves. So Marc came up with the idea to create a company cluster. We should win companies around one topic to contribute climate challenges and money to our hacks.

Our action hack was to sharpen this approach without losing sight of other funding options. So we first brainstormed potential funding sources. We voted which source we should explore more in detail.

In three breakout sessions, we elaborated more on
- cluster strategy
- WWF like label
- 42hacks fund

Each breakout team will follow up based on their outcomes. If you want to join one cluster, please drop us a note via

The most concrete and advanced exploration is the cluster strategy around railways. Marc is driving this cluster and summarized the action hack as follows:

How can you contribute?

We have several single tasks out of it:

If you want to contribute, please use the linked documents or send a short note to

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