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The railway cluster as potentially the first hack

Picture: Martin Falbisoner via Wikicommons.

Marc Stoffel

Jul 27, 2021

Ideas are nothing unless a team with enough funding and team-resources executes long enough on it. Therefore, we want to raise between 1 and 4 billion€ to fund the hackathons and more importantly the 420 open-source start-ups with a core team of 5 to 10 people, financed for 5 years.

To focus each hackathon around a certain focus we get company clusters to invest jointly in one iteration of 42hacks. After the commitment the company cluster co-create together with the 42hacks climate-science team joined Dreams & Nightmares. The goal is to figure out what area of innovation could have the biggest climate lever on this specific industry. As a result 42hacks makes a hack-invitation-campaign out of it which is professional but as well fun and sexy. Goal: Attract globally 20’000+ people to join this hack.

The sponsors incl. the teams they want to send in the hack take part on a unique innovation journey with 20’000 people around the globe. All work on the same Dreams & Nightmares the company cluster has co-created. In combination with the totally diverse talent pool they see ideas they would not have come up with in their individual organization. The best ideas get selected by the crowd and get further developed at the hackathon. Finally the best ideas, prototypes or concepts get crowd-funded and talents around the globe can decide to apply directly to be part of the 10+ open-source start-ups of this iteration. All the rest will continue to support the start-ups as part of the 42hacks open-source community. So there will be no losers, only winners.

> 20’000+ talents around the globe work

> Cross-functional & cross-company Hackathon

> 5’000+ ideas, prototypes, concepts

> TV & media coverage before, during, after event

> 10+ open-source start-ups

Actual Pitchdeck for first cluster
In a nutshell (3-slider) this is the first presentation for a company-cluster “Railways” we actually pitch at SBB & Plasson & Teurer:

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